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Period Swimwear Australia

Take your period poolside

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The magic behind our technology

Confidence on your cycle

Our swimwear has a cleverly built-in layered absorbency system. Featuring a gusset with a breathable top layer to wick moisture away from the body, an antimicrobial absorbent mid layer that locks moisture away, limits external leaks and reduces odour. While our eco conscious outer REPREVE layer with a water repellent finish keeps you dry from the outside in.

About My Secret Swim

Hi, I'm Lisa, founder and creator

All my life I have struggled with reprod uctive issues and self-confidence. The more research I did, the more I discovered that so many other women had the same experiences.We are proud to be using the worlds leading recycled fiber - “ REPREVE” currently Repreve has helped recycle over 20 billion plastic bottles worldwide.

About us

My Secret Swim takes the “blah” out of “that time of the month” and gives you your swimwear confidence every day, week and month of the year.  As the founder and proud creator of My Secret Swim, I was inspired by my lifelong struggles with the fear of "accidents” at the beach and was passionate to create a solution for many women like myself.

The end result is fashionable swimwear that features built-in period pad technology, made from responsibly sourced environmentally friendly fabrics. 

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