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How does our technology actually work?

Whether its periods, pee, pregnancy, postpartum or perspiration our swimwear will takes care of your business.

Our swimwear has a cleverly built-in layered absorbency system. Featuring a gusset with a breathable top layer to wick moisture away from the body, an antimicrobial absorbent mid layer that locks moisture away, limits external leaks and reduces odour. While our eco conscious outer REPREVE layer with a water repellent finish keeps you dry from the outside in.

All gussets are designed higher at the front and back to give fuller coverage and reduce sneaky front and back leaks

We do not claim our product prevents all leaks, but we do claim that you can wear our MYSS swimwear beach or poolside with confidence for light days or unexpected leakage

Flow guide:

LIGHT FLOW = 1 regular tampon, 1 teaspoon or 5ml

Suitable for spotting, drips and light discharge without additional backup

MODERATE FLOW = 2 regular tampon, 2 teaspoons or 10ml

Wear time is reduced, we suggest checking the absorbency of your garment more regularly


For heavy flow we recommend wearing our swimwear as a backup to your sanitary product.

Our swimwear is designed and made as a period safe product.

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