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Our MYSS swimwear is made from luxurious REPREVE fabrics with a four way stretch designed to snuggly contour and fit to your body in all the right places.  Our garments have been carefully fitted and graded by a garment industry specialist to Australian industry standards for women.  

For the best fit, we recommend you take your measurements and refer to our measurement size chart to help find the best fit for you.    

If our size chart does not answer all of your sizing questions or you are between sizes, chat to us!

We love to chat and we can help guide you to best and most comfortable fit for you and your swimwear activities.

Email us at: 

For maximum leak-proof performance, we do not recommend sizing up as our swimwear is designed to give you a comfortably snug fit for maximum leak proof performance.


The SILVADURTM antimicrobial advantage in textiles

SILVADURTM technology is an innovative antimicrobial treatment that improves on earlier technologies by using charged silver ions as opposed to silver particles. Silver ions evenly distribute over a garment. This means the silver is used more efficiently. This means the silver is used more efficiently. SILVADURTM technology has been shown to address several performance gaps that existing antimicrobial treatments simply cannot match. The antimicrobial effect of SILVADURTM products makes an active contribution to a comprehensive hygiene function.


  • High active in performance, therefore short reaction and application time
  • Excellent wash durability
  • High level of reproducibility
  • Degree of exhaustion nearly 99%
  • Halogen free (no halogen in the waste water)
  • No colour change, can be used for neon dyestuffs
  • No influence on the handle
  • Compatible with FC resins
  • Compatible with both natural and synthetic fibers
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